Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling were photographed on the set of Barbie, both done up in tacky-ass Western wear, which is perfect. Robbie-Barbie is sporting a hot pink bedazzled bell-bottom ensemble that wouldn’t go amiss on 1970s-era Dolly Parton. Gosling-Ken is in a black and white fringe outfit that would do Hank Williams proud. They’re both wearing matching pink neckerchiefs and white cowboy hats. Obviously, I love all of this and want to wear every item of clothing pictured here, up to and including Greta Gerwig’s pink jumpsuit and matching pink headphones. Can I just say? I love that Gerwig cosplays her own movies while making them.


This is apparently Barbie and Ken doing the school run. What I want to know about this movie is if Barbie and Ken’s whole world is like this, or are Barbie and Ken the exceptions, the bedazzled, theme-dressing power couple surrounded by normies? I can’t decide which option is funnier. Also, between this and Elvis, do you think we’re in for a tacky comeback? A vulgar revival? A chintzy rejuvenescence? I hope so. Everything is so sh-tty, at least let us have fun with fashion. When this movie was announced everyone was like, A Barbie movie, who needs it? But she knew. This is Barbie’s gaudy moment.