Margot Robbie is staying busy. Besides the upcoming Barbie movie, she has that Pirates of the Caribbean spin-off that may or may not get made, and now she is signing up to make an Ocean’s 11 prequel with Jay Roach (they previously worked together on Bombshell). The film will be set in the 1960s, so Robbie will play…Danny Ocean’s mom, maybe? I guess that would also make her Debbie Ocean’s mom, since Sandra Bullock played Danny Ocean’s sister in Ocean’s 8. I assume they’ll want to keep the franchise in the family to 1) justify the title, and 2) that’s what they did with Ocean’s 8.


I wonder what the decision making process looked like here? Ocean’s 8 wasn’t a grand slam, but it made over $297 million worldwide, nothing to sneeze at. But instead of following up that film, they’re going back in time with a new female-led take on the heist flick. Do they think the contemporary setting is the problem with Ocean’s 8? (Hint: it’s not.) I’m never going to complain about a heist flick being made, let alone a presumably mod-era heist flick, I just would like to know what the conversations are about Ocean’s 8 at Warner Brothers. It was made like, two regime changes ago, I would be so curious to know what’s in the info packet on that movie for the new guys taking over. They obviously know there’s value in the Ocean’s name, but no value in building off a solid hit that’s only a few years old, starring two major movie stars and Rihanna? It’s just interesting to me. Sort of feels like people forget Ocean’s 8 didn’t bomb, you know?