Two plaid looks to showcase today – let’s start with our #1 butterly, Mariah Carey. Mimi stepped out for dinner with friends last night in Burberry’s signature check, a classic trench over a matching set accessorised by a chain belt. She looks great, and it doesn’t look like she minds being photographed at all. In fact, you could say that she was hoping for it. Why waste a great a fit when no one sees it? 


On Instagram last week, Mimi casually mentioned that she was heading to the studio: 

Studio? There’s only one thing Mimi does in the studio, and she’s been hinting at new music for a while now. 


Last year in an interview with Rolling Stone she talked about several new projects she’s been working on for a while. 

“One is a project that I’m almost finished with that I was doing some background vocal tweaks on. One is [new] songs that could be for the scripted series or a documentary. And then there’s a themed album. It’s something that people have been asking me to do for years, but it’s not done in the traditional sense. It’s not done yet, but I’m really excited about it. I’m working [on that album] with some very eclectic, newer artists, as well as some legendary folks.” 

Mimi’s taking her sweet ass time with whatever she’s got cooking up. And, obviously, she can afford to. She works three weeks out of the year, really, during the holiday season and that alone is enough to fill the accounts. Everything else these days is just a bonus. 


As for the second plaid look, Amanda Seyfried was giving Cher Horowitz this morning in New York as she made the talk show circuit in support of The Crowded Room, premiering on Apple TV+ on June 9. Amanda and Tom Holland are the co-leads, she plays an investigator trying to piece together how a young man became implicated in a shooting. Amanda’s husband Thomas Sadowski also has a role. The Crowded Room will be ten episodes, released weekly, and if Amanda’s on the press tour, we should be seeing Tom out there with her soon. It’s been a minute since Tom was out on promotion as he has actively taken a step back from the spotlight, announcing last August that he was taking a social media break so it’ll be interesting to see him back in front of the cameras. This weekend Tom was at the Monaco Grand Prix, a guest of the Red Bull team while openly cheering for Lewis Hamilton, LOL.