Last night was opening night of Mimi’s new residency, The Butterfly Returns, in Vegas. She’s back. And guess what? She’s skinnier than ever! She is the OG “skinny legend”. I’m surprised she never tried to trademark the word. 

Mimi, as we’ve seen over the last few months, is really, really feeling herself right now. You know how you can tell? This video which Traci Melchor was just talking to me about on set earlier at etalk. When Mimi is feeling herself the most, she will tease us with nakedness. She doesn’t get naked. But she loves to play at getting naked. 


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Classic Mimi. The Lambily knows this well. We might even get a bikini shot at some point this summer, the way this is going. It’s Mimi’s Skinny Summer. Get up on your feet!