Dear Gossips,

Mariah Carey’s new album, Caution, comes out tomorrow. Mimi’s previous album, Glitter, is currently #2 on iTunes. It’s a surprise. It happened because of the Lambily and the movement they call #JusticeForGlitter. Glitter, as you know, was a punchline when it came out but, like other cheesy movies not appreciated in their time (Showgirls!), it’s now a cult classic. 

So the Lambily has given Mimi an early Christmas present as we enter the Christmas season, her favourite season, HER season. 

Mimi is now promoting Caution while her Christmas song, “All I Want For Christmas”, the song that will keep her in our memories forever, the song that will play at Christmas forever, is also re-entering the charts. It is impossible to state how hard that is, to have a song become a Christmas staple. Don’t think that others haven’t attempted it either. Why wouldn’t every artist want a guaranteed annual hit that lasts long past them? 

Here’s Mimi in New York yesterday basking in the Glitter of her moment, as sexy as ever, the prettiest ever, and of course, so skinny. SO SKINNY! Isn’t she so skinny?!? 

Mimi knows it’s Mimi time. And she is full feeling herself at exactly the right time. 

Yours in gossip,