No one is feeling themselves more than Mimi right now. No one. When Mimi is feeling herself, there are signs. We’ll get to those in a minute but first… 

Here are Mimi, Nick Cannon, and Dembabies at the Kids’ Choice Awards this weekend wearing matching family ensembles. Mimi matched with Monroe and Nick matched with Moroccan and it’s about as cheesy-twee as it gets - pretty much the defining quality of Mimi’s style: cheesy-twee. 

Understandably, Bryan Tanaka, Mimi’s boyfriend-assistant, was not invited on this occasion. Which is why Mimi is actually walking around unassisted. Look at this shot of Mimi guiding Monroe to the photo wall. When was the last time you saw this happen? Mimi in heels, not being guided but doing the actual guiding herself!?! 

There’s no one within 6 feet of her, holding their arms out, waiting to catch her. Or carry her. I had to shake my head a few times to make sure I was seeing this right. 

What we are seeing, though, is signature Mimi when Mimi thinks Mimi is in top form. Top form for Mimi, obviously, is when she’s the skinniest skinny that any skinny has ever been. Several things give it away. First, the pants. Mimi is a dress girl. Putting on a plunging dress and jewels makes her feel good. Dresses are also more comfortable, less restrictive. When she’s feeling extra good then, she’ll go for a pant. And…she’ll zip it up. As in her jacket. There’s barely any cleavage happening here. By her standards, this is modest. And before you tell me that she’s only being modest because it’s a kids’ event, um, here’s what she looked like last year at the same party. The girls were OUT:

The reason she’s zipped up this year then is because by zipping up, she can show you her teeny tiny waist. Which is also why the hair is in a ponytail. To create even more height (Mimi is actually quite tall) and length so as to better show off, once again, the cinch of her waist and the lean lines of her very skinny, very long, very skinny, very thin legs and her very small waist. And did I mention skinny?