How sincere do you think Erin Foster is about David’s Foster’s relationship with Katharine McPhee? Because if it’s not sincere…well. But let’s back it up. If you’re familiar with Erin Foster, you know her brand isn’t exactly sweetness and hugs. Her show, Barely Famous, the show she co-created with her sister, Sara, is snarky take on Hollywood – and Hollywood tropes. Oh, like the trope about the old Hollywood star with multiple ex-wives who dates someone half his age. So. What will happen if/when Katharine comes over for Thanksgiving dinner? (Dlisted)

Millennial Pink is still a thing. But also? So are unicorns and mermaids. Unicorns and mermaids have been all over Instagram for months. Brie Larson made a movie called Unicorn Store. You’ve probably heard about the unicorn frappacino at Starbucks. And now they’re creeping into baked goods. Some dismiss the trend as juvenile. Others argue that there’s greater meaning behind it. I’m over here thinking about Mariah Carey. Hasn’t Mimi always been about unicorns and mermaids?!?  (Pajiba)

Speaking of Millennial Pink, Rihanna’s been doing pink since before it was even given that name. A lot of pink. So much pink. Here’s a review of all the pink she’s ever worn. All pink everything. (BET)

Shania Twain. In gold. And fishnets. And thigh high boots. That are sparkly. Again, where Shania is concerned, it’s not any one thing. It’s that all the things are all together. Take away the boots and it’s an instant improvement. Or even the earrings. Outfits are like sundae toppings. Too many toppings never works out right because the sh-t is spilling everywhere and you’re too busy figuring out how to eat it you can’t enjoy eating it. I have a two topping policy on my sundaes, max. (Go Fug Yourself) 

How Taylor Swift has been able to spend time with Joe Alwyn in London without getting busted. But also… I guess they can’t use that spot as their hideout now that someone’s blown their cover. Interestingly it’s the UK Sun that broke this story and the original story that Taylor and Joe are dating. This is not a coincidence. The dead Taylor preferred to leak American. The new Taylor prefers to leak British. Same old Taylor though. (Cele|bitchy)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love running to The Killers? I shouldn’t say “love”. I never “love” running. In fact, I hate running. Which is why I need music to pump me up. And there are several high pump Killers songs on my running playlist. Human is probably the one that gets me most jacked up. Anyway, the new Killers album is out. Wonder if there’s any running music on there. (Entertainment Weekly)