What would Christmas week be without Mimi in Aspen? It’s a Christmas tradition, it’s where she almost always spends Christmas, and within that tradition there are other traditions. Like shopping at the luxury boutiques. In heels, of course. No matter how icy and slippery the sidewalks are, Mimi will go shopping in Aspen for Christmas in heels – it’s the only way, dahling. A proper homecoming. 


Because last year f-cked Christmas up for everyone, even our Christmas Angel. I mean, obviously, she still spent Christmas in Aspen but instead of flying there she went in an RV, lol. Naturally it was a deluxe ride but still, it wasn’t her usual style. And getting papped while wobbling around town in her stilettos wasn’t an option either. In 2021 then, Mimi’s bringing Christmas back. The shopping is back, the private jet is back…


…and the hot tub and snow adventures are back. 

I really enjoyed hearing Bryan Tanaka urging dembabies to be careful. Mimi and Bryan have now been together just over five years. No clue how it works and am so curious about their private dynamic but… I want to believe that it’s good, that there’s no drama. It doesn’t seem like there’s any drama at all. That he’s content to fit into wherever he fits into her life while she remains on top, especially at this time of year. 


“All I Want For Christmas” is #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the third December in a row. Per Billboard, it is now “the first song in the chart’s history to have led in three distinct runs on the ranking”. And there will likely be more. I say this all the time but it should be acknowledged as often as possible: this is the most popular Christmas song in modern history. And it’s probably going to last forever. No other recording artist on the scene right now has done what Mimi has done with this classic. It’s an extraordinary achievement. Generation upon generation will know this song. Our Elusive Chanteuse is actually an Eternal Butterfly.