Sarah posted last Friday about the new trailer for Billy Eichner’s upcoming rom-com Bros and as she said, “please just give me this movie right now”. This trailer and the one before it too have been great – and I don’t even mind if it ends up being that the whole movie and all the funny parts have already been shown because the funny parts are so funny, I laugh every single time (I’ve already watched the most recent trailer nine times). That said, I fully buy that despite what they’ve teased already, there are even more hilarious bits in the final complete product…which is why I’m so impatient to see the whole thing. Also, I mean, the kissing. More kissing is not a bad thing. Aren’t we all in the mood right now to watch people kissing? 


Still, we must wait. Bros doesn’t come out until September…unless you were one of the lucky few who were at the special screening last night. 

Mariah Carey is the fairy godmother of Billy’s movie. Mimi is a Bro!


Mimi and Billy go back a few years. I mean he’s loved her forever but in terms of their public connection, she was on Billy On The Street with him back in 2019 and then he showed up for one of her Christmas specials and now… Mimi is giving Billy more of her precious energy, helping him promote his movie, during Pride – it’s basically an early Christmas present, Gay Christmas but in June…

Even though, well, recently Billy’s gay status was up for debate. I mean, not really, but you know how the internet works and he turned it into a promotional opportunity…


And appealing to the straights: 

That, of course, was before yesterday’s blessing by the Elusive Butterfly herself. This is all Billy will ever need. Because you know Mimi doesn’t hustle for just anyone. Or do anything for free. But… I think this might have been almost-free! Like if not totally free then at a significant discount. That’s true love and friendship!