Dear Gossips,

Mariah Carey is Christmas.

Mariah Carey is Christmas. 

I wrote that twice because the first is a statement, a fact. And the second is the title of a new …film?... based on the above fact about the making of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, the most successful Christmas song of our generation, an official Christmas classic. A Christmas bop that will survive long after we’ve all gone wherever it is that we go.

They’re calling this a documentary. Sure. It’s also a promotional vehicle. And an opportunity to celebrate Mimi’s talents. I’m not mad at this. As they say in this trailer – do you know how hard it is to write a song that everyone knows, a song that basically IS Christmas? Every artist wants this, they’re lying if they say they don’t. That’s the whole f-cking point of making music after all: to be heard, not just once but constantly, to achieve immortality through your music. What could be more immortal than the Christmas song of a generation and generations to come? 

So, yes, OF COURSE and OBVIOUSLY, Mariah Carey is Christmas. The other girls can try, but there is no challenger. And there probably never will be. 


Yours in gossip,