This came out a few days ago. But I got an update yesterday. Let’s start with the main event. Mimi declared last week that it’s officially HER season, Christmas season. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is already climbing the charts. It has never hit #1. Every year it keeps getting closer and closer though. Will she finally do it? 

The thing is…she doesn’t have to. This song will be FOREVER. This song has made Mariah Carey immortal in a way that no other artist of this time will be. And that’s not hyperbole. Think about it. Christmas isn’t going away. This Christmas song will NEVER go away. It’s eternal. She’s eternal. She’s elusive and eternal, a butterfly for all time, a butterfly in perpetuity. 

Also? She makes more money selling the song than streaming it. She just sold it to a bag of crisps for a LOT of money.

How much do you think this deal is worth? Mimi would never nickel and dime this song. So it would have had to be a HUGE cheque. I heard it’s in the neighbourhood of $10 million. Because it’s not just the commercial, it’s also the actual product. As in… HER FACE IS ON THE BAGS!


A friend of mine sent this over to me yesterday, a true collector’s item. I WANT ONE. I want a box! 

By the way, if you’re curious, here’s how Mimi looks on the shelf with the price tag.


Of course they used an image of her “good side”. I’m screaming! 

I’m also screaming at the part in the commercial when she “nibbles” on the chip. LOLOLOLOL. Our Skinny Queen understands portion control.