As I noted this morning in the open, they were projecting a five-day total of $20 million, on the high side, for Crazy Rich Asians. That number has now been adjusted. According to Variety, it’s now climbed to $26 million and its fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes has gotten better too. A few hours ago it was 97%. It’s now back to 98% at the time of this post. 

You know what else is opening this weekend though? Mile 22, starring Mark Wahlberg. So far there have been no reviews published. That’s…not usually a good sign. Strong reviews can only help a movie – this is what we’re seeing with CRA. Reviews that are held back to very close to the movie’s release… well… I mean there are exceptions but, typically, you want to get that word of mouth going. 

Can Marky Mark beat the Asians? Well. It’s not like he’s never beat an Asian before. Remember when he beat up two Asian men when he was a teenager? He beat one of his victims with a five-foot wooden stick and the other he punched in the face. Then he called them “slant-eyed gooks”. He also, by the way, once chased down a group of black school kids and threw rocks at them. 

People can change, Lainey. They should be allowed to change. 

Of course. I want to believe he’s changed. But I guess I’m still choked about him asking for a pardon three years ago. He wanted to scrub his record because he’s changed – which means he changed so much that he wanted to change history. And that would only benefit HIM. As an Asian person, I find that insulting. Yes, people should be able to come back from their mistakes. Forgiveness should always be possible and available. But at the time of that pardon request, Marky Mark was already a major Hollywood player and a businessman, looking to expand his burger empire and asking for a pardon to facilitate his entrepreneurial efforts. None of that meets the spirit of forgiveness. That’s why many Asians and especially Asian-Americans are salty when it comes to Marky Mark. Which brings me to this tweet, by E Alex Jung, who I namecheck quite regularly on this site, because he is the SH-T. Genius.  

Oh and here’s one more, because why not, this time from Billy Eichner, in case you missed it yesterday: 

Remember, Marky Mark was the world’s highest paid actor in 2017. He was also the most OVERpaid actor of 2017. Because his movies haven’t been making as much money when you consider how much he made for them. If Mile 22 doesn’t do well at the box office, do you think Mark’s opportunities will go away? 


But if Crazy Rich Asians doesn’t do well at the box office, what will happen to all those Asian-American projects in development. Will they be greenlit? 

Please. Save it. Nobody has to worry about Mark Wahlberg.