Marvel spent most of the Comic-Con panel confirming stuff we already knew, with a couple nice surprises along the way, but right at the end they pulled out a real showstopper. Just as the panel was winding down, Kevin Feige introduced “two-time Academy Award winner, Mahershala Ali,” who then came out and put on a motherf-cking BLADE hat. That’s it, that’s the whole thing. Mahershala Ali showed up and put on a hat, but it said BLADE. Mahershala Ali is Blade! Holy sh-t! They’re going to reboot blade with MAHERSHALA ALI!

The best part of this is when Kevin Feige said it happened because after he won his second Oscar, Ali called Marvel and said he wanted a meeting. And then at that meeting, he said he wanted to do Blade. And Feige & Co. were like, “Okay.” And now he is Blade! That’s an amazing origin story for the Blade reboot. (Ali was already in the Marvel family, having played Cottonmouth on Luke Cage, but the Netflix shows don’t count anymore so he can double up on roles.) There are a ton of questions about what this Blade reboot will be—WHEN it will be—but for now it is enough to know that this is happening because Mahershala Ali wanted it to be so.