It will NEVER stop coming! Marvel will keep making sh-t until they are the ONLY people left in Hollywood to make ANYTHING, EVER! It does kind of feel like that, doesn’t it? All that will survive at the end of the world are cockroaches and Marvel movies. Feast your eyeballs on two more trailers for even more Disney+ Marvel shows. First up is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which I continue to be lukewarm on. I get it, Bucky Barnes is doing sexy knife things and Sam Wilson is zooming around—Falcon couldn’t look that cool in the movies?—but, eh. It’s fine. It looks expensive and competently made. What interests me most at this point is that Falcon will now drop in March, two months ahead of Black Widow. These two stories are linked, and Falcon was meant to be a coda to Widow, so I am curious if the pandemic production delay allowed them to tweak things so it’s more of a prelude now. Or maybe they changed nothing and they’re trusting fans to sort it all out later. Anyway, here is the full trailer for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier:



Next up is our first real look at Loki and, holy sh-t, it looks really good? Obviously, Tom Hiddleston as Loki is always fun, but it looks like the show is at least in part inspired by the comic book Loki: Agent of Asgard. In that book, Loki tries to outwit his destiny, for better or worse. Here, we jump off from the scene where Loki escapes custody in Endgame, only to find him arrested and in a collar that will surely inspire a thousand BDSM fanfics. He’s a prisoner of the Time Variance Authority—I love Owen Wilson as a bureaucrat who is so over it that not even Loki of Asgard is intimidating—and the rest of the trailer makes it look like Loki will go to work for them, perhaps working off his sentence by trying to fix space-time anomalies he caused. 


Agent of Asgard is a GREAT comic, and the exact storyline I wanted to see adapted for Loki, so this looks very promising. It also has the same kind of freewheeling, “this gives us a chance to homage a bunch of cool stuff” vibe as WandaVision. I mean, Loki as D.B. Cooper, one of the most famous fugitives of all time? C’mon, it’s perfect and fun. Also, is that a glimpse of NATASHA? And a New York where the Chitauri won? Prediction: we’re going to find out the Thanos actually conquered Earth in 2012 and Loki does some timey-wimey sh-t to insert himself into the timeline and lose on purpose, thus delaying Thanos’s trip to Earth. That would justify a long-standing fan theory that Loki’s plan in The Avengers sucked on purpose, that he was intentionally trying to bring the Avengers together. I think it was just kinda dopey writing, but here is a way to ret-con it and make Loki extra super special in hindsight. I don’t really need these Disney+ shows to be six-hour action movies, I’d be happy if they’re just quirky fun capers, and Loki certainly looks like a quirky fun caper.