Chris Evans isn’t the only member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be making the rounds on social media this week for his love life. In Chris’s case it’s a possible love life at this point since we don’t know for sure if he and Lily James are actually a thing. Sebastian Stan, though, definitely has a girlfriend. 


As you’d know if you’ve been visiting this site for some time, Sebastian Stan is arguably more of an Internet Boyfriend than Chris Evans. People love Bucky. And there’s also the Gossip Girl effect. Maybe it’s also because Captain America is such an obvious choice. Bucky, meanwhile, has a dark, twisted backstory and because of all that angst, he’s a classic superhero smoulderer. The internet can’t resist a smoulderer. 

Anyway, Marvel’s dark and twisty smoulderer is now dating Alejandra Onieva. They’re currently in Ibiza, seen here holding hands while leaving a restaurant. They were photographed kissing the other day.  

And they’re Instagram official…sort of. 

That’s Sebastian, but you’d only know because of those first pap shots of them kissing and she hasn’t tagged him. Still, I’m assuming that she wouldn’t have posted it if he wasn’t ok with it. 


Anyway, I’ve just spent some time on Alejandra’s IG and she appears to be good friends with Jon Kortajarena, a model, because he shows up a few times in her feed. Jesus, this FACE: 

Back to Sebastian, he was working on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier when production was halted in March due to COVID-19. They were supposed to resume shooting in a few weeks in Atlanta although it’s not known whether those plans will still move ahead on that timeline since there’s no slowing the pandemic in the United States. The release date was supposed to be in August and Anthony Mackie has said that there’s not that much left to do but seeing as they haven’t yet rolled out any promotional materials, summer doesn’t seem all that realistic, at least not to me.