So far I’m only seeing this covered by UK outlets – perhaps because the original source of the report is usually so full of sh-t. That would be Star Magazine. Star reports in its latest issue that Mary Elizabeth Winstead broke up with Ewan McGregor because she didn’t want to be called a “homewrecker” anymore. Briefly, Mary and Ewan worked together on Fargo. She and her husband split up. Then he and his wife of 22 years Eva Mavrakis split up, but that was only confirmed after pictures of Ewan and Mary kissing were published in the UK papers. Eve hasn’t directly addressed whether or not Ewan cheated on her. But she did call their split “disappointing and upsetting” which many took to be a subtle validation of the story that Ewan was, indeed, unfaithful. And then there’s this – Esther McGregor’s post on Instagram back in January that seemed to be directed at her disappointment with her father who, in her case, in her home, quite rightly, would be the real “homewrecker”, if that’s the word we have to use.  


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Ewan’s car was seen at Eve’s place this weekend just as Star’s report that Mary dumped him was getting around. He also took one of his younger children bike riding. Remember though, it’s Star Magazine. Maybe it’s the one story they get right this year. Will Ewan and Eve will end up like Balthazar and Rosetta Getty after his affair with Sienna Miller? 

Here's Ewan out in Santa Monica with his daughter yesterday.