Dear Gossips,   

Is May December a comedy? I mean, I’m the kind of person who laughs in discomfort, in situations where laughter is totally inappropriate, which I guess tracks with this particular film. And I did laugh at some of Natalie Portman’s performance choices because she was so intentionally cringe, but I think we can all agree that May December is not, um, broad comedy. And that’s why people were confused yesterday when it was nominated for a Golden Globe in the Best Comedy/Musical category. 


But that’s how it was submitted. A strategic decision, knowing that the drama category would be dominated by other contenders, Netflix’s play paid off – and the nomination was the priority. Not to win, but to be included. As we have established, the Golden Globe isn’t all that meaningful, they just want the hype from the Globes to keep them top of mind for the real prize: the Oscars. 


Another surprise nomination in the Comedy/Musical category that prevented The Color Purple, an actual musical, from best picture nomination is Air. Oprah has been out here in all her purple dresses campaigning hard for The Color Purple. But even Oprah’s influence has its limits in certain rooms. As Sarah noted in her post yesterday, Air is a good movie, I think I might have enjoyed it more than she did, but it came out months ago and it really hasn’t been running in open conversation the way the other high-profile nominees have been. That said, Ben Affleck has been quietly campaigning behind the scenes and it seems to have worked – in this case, with the starf-ckers at the Golden Globes thirsting to see him and Jennifer Lopez on that carpet with a side of Matt and Luciana Damon who were seen in New York yesterday not long after the nominations were announced and following the announcement that his and Ben’s Artists’ Equity will partner with Chris Hemsworth’s company Wild State. 

Matt and Chris are close. Matt and Ben are close. Now it’s friendship and business three ways – and that much more power. 

Yours in gossip,