The Thor crew has been in Australia for months working on Thor: Love and Thunder due out next year, led by director Taika Waititi. Did you see that shot Chris Hemsworth posted on Instagram the other day with Taika and Matt Damon? It’s very, very, VERY good. 


Chris is joking that they’re a band, and I know his chill dude pose is supposed to be self-deprecating and Taiki is hamming as usual, but the way the shot is filtered, and given how handsome they all are, and Matt looking away into the distance, with the clouds and the water in the background…

This a thirst trap pretending to be a Nautica ad. And it could also be Team Australia’s Olympic closing ceremony gear. There’s been a lot of talk of Olympic outfits lately – with Canada becoming the joke of the group because of the denim jacket. I actually don’t hate it. This may not be to the taste of westerners but what people in the west think is stylish isn’t necessarily what the rest of the world is into. And the Olympics as we know is a global event. North Americans might not want to wear this jacket but I already know several people in Hong Kong who want it. 


Anyway, back to the Thor squad, and Matt Damon in particular whose family has joined him in Australia for the duration of production – here are new shots of him with Luciana yesterday running some errands in Sydney.