Not that Matt Damon’s been loud over the last few years. Or in general. I’m referring really to what might be a much busier fall with the release of Ford vs Ferrari. Sarah posted enthusiastically about the trailer  a few weeks ago and with both Matt and Christian Bale involved, and coming out during award season, you know the expectation. 

There was a time when Matt Damon was a Big Ass Deal. The Sexiest Man Alive. A Movie Star. I’ve been writing this blog for 15 years. I can tell you, for a stretch there, so many people emailed wondering about Matt Damon, asking for more Matt Damon content, requesting Matt Damon photos in shout-outs. That’s dropped off now, and I don’t necessarily think it’s about age. Because millennials and younger are pretty into Jennifer Aniston, for example. And Matt and Jen are contemporaries. 

You know what part of it is? Netflix. Friends and The Office are big with younger viewers “discovering” the series. Which ...there’s some irony here, I think. Remember there’s a hierarchy in Hollywood: movies over television, they used to see TV as a gateway to a career in film. And now, the television that some considered to be “less than” movies is introducing them to a new audience that will sustain their popularity. 

Good Will Hunting is on Netflix. Can you believe it’s been 22 years? I’m waiting for the day Good Will Hunting becomes the thing that the kids start freaking out over. Or maybe it won’t?

Here are Matt and Luciana on holiday in Portofino.