Dear Gossips,

What do you think Beyoncé thinks of Maya Rudolph’s impressions of her on Saturday Night Live? Not that I can claim to know the mind of the Queen, but I can’t imagine she’d be bothered. Maya is one of the greatest SNL talents. Here’s her latest tribute to Beysus: 


Sean Evans clearly appreciated this moment: 

And while not all the sketches lived up to Maya’s talents, when Maya’s hosting, it’s never a waste of time. As for her performances as Beyoncé, I feel like she would know that it’s all love? Maya LOVES Beyoncé – if you haven’t already, check out her interview with Jimmy Fallon a couple of years ago when she talked about the transcendental experience of seeing Beychella. I wonder if B might wish Maya happy birthday in July on her website. 


One final note about Maya on SNL this weekend – I LOVED this:

She also did this the last time she hosted: 

For those who are not familiar, Maya’s mother is Minnie Riperton. You may not know her but you know her song, “Lovin’ You”. It was written for Maya who was in the studio when her parents recorded it. if you haven’t heard this before, get ready to cry: 


Adds another level of emotion when you watch back Maya’s shout-out to her family during the monologue, non? 

I also laugh-cried during Bowen Yang’s appearance on Weekend Update (written by Celeste Yim who is Canadian), which went viral. He was charged but hilarious, he was angry and hopeful. He shouted out Kim’s Convenience. He crushed on Steven Yeun – and he’s RIGHT. Steven Yeun is a snack, as the kids say. 

That wasn’t the only shout-out for Steven this weekend. Award season angel Alan Kim joined other BAFTA Supporting Actor nominees for a Zoom call the other day and, as you can see, the other actors are as delighted by him as we are. This cherub! 


No, but seriously, when is Steven Yeun going to host SNL? Make it happen…for Bowen! And if you’ve recently seen Minari and need more hot Steven Yeun that has nothing to do with zombies, watch Burning. It’s definitely not a rom-com, and his character may or may not be a sociopath, but he is so f-cking hot in that film, one of the best of 2018, that you’ll understand about Bowen’s boner. 

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