MTV is celebrating its 40th anniversary and this story kinda feels like a throwback to the MTV messiness of years past? Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain beefed at the VMAs at one point. There was also a tense situation at one of the shows between Kid Rock and Tommy Lee. And Eminem would always be getting into fights, or fake fights, with someone or other from Moby to Triumph the Insult Dog to Sacha Baron Cohen.


All these years later and it’s Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor. Apparently there was a commotion on the carpet and Conor allegedly tried to strike MGK with his cane. Neither would confirm what it was about but rumour has it Conor wanted a photo with MGK and his people declined. In 2021, this is what people scrap over – selfies. 

On the other end of that energy spectrum though is lust. And MGK was bringing the heat there too, as usual, with Megan Fox. And I’m not just talking about her outfit. This is what I meant earlier when I wrote about Normani and skin at the VMAs. Megan looks amazing, but I wouldn’t say this is all that much design imagination, as opposed to Normani’s outfit, which was revealing, but also stylish. 


And yet, this too feels old school. There was a time when a red carpet, for some rockers, was basically an excuse to bring out the tongues. And that’s the vibe that Megan and MGK two are living, even if no actual tongues emerge from their mouths, their whole sh-t is that they’re constantly tonguing each other. Now they have a couple to go double-date-tonguing with because Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian were there, and MGK and Travis performed together, and Megan and Kourtney introduced them as their “future baby daddies”. 

Then all four of them went out for dinner. 

It’s the new Ben Affleck-Gwyneth Paltrow and Matt Damon-Winona Ryder! Have I just committed gossip sacrilege?