I was assigned to cover William and Catherine’s wedding in 2011. My position was along the Mall, by the Duke of York. It was definitely a sight to see, the carriage approaching Buckingham Palace and thousands of people lining the road, majestic and grand. That said, now that I’ve seen Harry and Meghan’s procession, if you asked me to choose what I would want if - please - I had the option, I would go with St George’s Chapel and Windsor Castle. Because it’s a lot more intimate but also more ...fairy tale? Windsor is an adorable little town and so the carriage ride felt like it was happening in a small community. I know that’s ridiculous to say given how many people were there but when everything is closer together, naturally it seems warmer. It was as you would imagine it being in, like, Jane Austen days. I was maybe 20 feet away. And the way the sun lit up her tiara, I could almost touch the sparkles. 

And then. What you don’t get in London is the Long Walk. This is THE fairy tale - the carriage coming up that path, heading towards an actual f-cking old ass castle, with Meghan’s veil lightly blowing, and all those people cheering on both sides, on a perfect spring day in May...you almost can’t beat it. It’s a breathtaking view. It’s the most exclusive view. These pictures are like a storybook coming to life. And that’s exactly the show they wanted to give to the world.