An appeal court in England has just ruled against the Mail on Sunday, upholding the summary judgement that was decided in the High Court earlier this year in Meghan Markle’s lawsuit against the tabloid newspaper for publishing the contents of a letter she wrote to her father. Byline Investigates has a full recap of the case that is uncontaminated by the media: 


While we’re here, you may also want to check out this article at Byline Investigates from yesterday, before the new ruling came down, about how certain corners of the British press have distorted the main points of the case so that the public has entirely the wrong idea about what, exactly, was being argued in court. Those reports can and may have shaped your opinion of the situation – which is NOT what was presented in court and what the judges were considering. I posted about this a couple of weeks ago when I wrote about Meghan’s recent evidence statement, a 21-page document that thoroughly explained her position but what ended up in the media was simply “Meghan apologises to the court”, which was literally one inconsequential line – made even more inconsequential since the appeals court has now decided in her favour. 


In response to this latest victory, Meghan released a strongly-worded statement about the “daily fail” of the Daily Mail: 

Now the case goes back to the High Court for damages. Meghan wants to be compensated on a formula that determines how much money the paper made through its now unlawful publication of the letter and a front page acknowledgement that it violated her rights. Normally the papers, when they’re ordered to do this, and it happens all the time, bury it in the middle or the back of the issue. Meghan is asking that they put themselves on blast. 

According to Byline Investigates, the Mail may try to take their appeal to the Supreme Court. They have money to keep fighting this and, as we know, in continuing to fight it, they generate more storylines for themselves, which is probably the real reason they’re persisting. Given that two courts have determined that there’s no need for this case to go to trial (and remember, that was the summary judgement Judge Warby handed down in February – whether or not there’s enough here to warrant a full trial – and that’s what the appeal court has upheld), it’ll be a pretty big fight for the Mail to be able to present yet another angle to convince the court the reverse not one but two previous decisions. 



Do you think…

There might be another former royal aide who might want to help out the f-cking Mail on Sunday the way Jason Knauf, former press secretary to Prince William and Kate, did? You think there might be a royal courtier who could come off the bench and side with a f-cking tabloid against Prince Harry and Meghan?! 

Because that’s what this appeal was based on. Jason Knauf, whose job it used to be to protect royals, came forward to help the Mail’s case – which, ultimately, as we’ve learned today, did not work. Behind the scenes though, could he have possibly made that call without consulting Kensington Palace? Come on, now. Let’s not be naïve about these things. 

So what do you think the reaction is today behind palace gates? Are they happy for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that they’ve doubled their victory against a TABLOID? Or…do you think they’re disappointed that the tabloid lost?