As mentioned earlier, here are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Royal Ascot today for Royal Meghan’s first time. They travelled via carriage, partly along the same route as they one they took on the day they got married, along the Long Walk. And she’s in a white dress, best to show off the fascinator but I’ve noticed this about new brides - maybe it’s just my friends: they get the most out of that bridal white, as much as they can. When Danielle Graham, host of etalk, got married a few years ago, she wore white every chance she got for the next year. Any chance to relive that wedding! We teased her about it relentlessly. I’m not saying Meghan’s doing the same thing. But it’s not impossible either.

As far as dresses go, this one is pretty unremarkable. Again, I think the point of it is to best show off off the fascinator - not unlike her wedding dress, actually, and the showstopper that day, which was that unbelievable veil and tiara. This is 100% her best fascinator so far of all the fascinators she’s worn since being pre-Royal and now-Royal. Like half a flapper hat, right? For some reason, when I first saw it, I thought “suffragette”. Maybe I’m mixing up my style references. Please tell me what you see. 

As for the Sussex newlywed, at one point they were walking arm in arm. Probably handholding is not a thing one does at Royal Sussex. Big smiles though. And big smiles when hanging near the Queen, in yellow, too. No sign of any bother caused by the Thomas Markle Zone, exactly the kind of distraction needed from that mess. 

Just one note about her makeup though? Does it seem like her bronzer/blush isn’t well blended? Like since the honeymoon? It wasn’t like this on wedding day when she barely wore much makeup. Sasha and I are on this shoot together right now and I just asked her if it’s just me and Sasha’s noticed it too. It was like this at Trooping too, I think. Someone might want to pass on that note?