Meghan Markle was in New York this weekend to cheer on Serena Williams in the US Open finals. Serena lost, it was her fourth grand slam loss since coming back after pregnancy as she’s still looking for that closing magic. Afterwards Serena said she was upset with herself because she wasn’t playing at the level she wanted to. But it wouldn’t have mattered, Serena had no control over her own match because the UK tabloids are making headlines out of Meghan jinxing her. When they’re not talking about Meghan’s jinx on Serena, they’re mom-shaming her for going away for the weekend and they’re still yelling about the private jets and Meghan hiring American publicity experts to “break the internet”. What a f-cking bitch, you know? How dare she take some time to support a friend, do some yoga, and work with people to help her and Prince Harry launch their social change initiatives? What Meghan’s doing is so much c-ntier than being friends with a registered sex offender, getting into “verbal disputes” with staff that are so bad it reportedly got physical, though that was subsequently denied, and hanging out with “reputation management” lawyers and maybe possibly consulting with them on being connected to a dead rapist pedophile but probably not because, hey, it’s just rich men spending time together, there’s never anything shady that goes down when rich white dudes pal around in exclusive environments. So let’s create the narrative that what Meghan’s been up to is the more offensive and disturbing royal story, the real cause for alarm and threat to the royal family. 

I wonder then if Meghan’s trip was a “f-ck it”. At this point she would have known what would happen when she was seen at the US Open. She would have anticipated that over in the UK they’d be apoplectic but that in the US they’d be happy to see her. She would almost have expected the British press to drag her for it. And she did it anyway. Which is worth reading into…or maybe it’s obvious? “F-ck it.” They’re coming for her whether she does or doesn’t so why not just “f-ck it” and go? 

If that’s the case, if Meghan really has moved into the “f-ck it” phase, what does that look like going forward? She’s expected to make her first official working appearance after maternity leave this week and she and Harry are heading on tour to southern Africa soon, a year after their big tour last fall to Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and Tonga when they announced that they were expecting. Meghan has shown us her PR game. She’s got so much Hollywood PR game. She knows how to game the sh-t out of a situation. This tour is going to be…something. 

As for Meghan at the US Open, she met Anna Wintour, who a few months ago said her dream was to have Meghan and Kate co-hosting the Met Gala. Kate’s probably not an option but I could see Meghan doing it one day. In a few years. It would have to be the right theme though. Like if Clare Waight Keller’s designs and Givenchy were being celebrated by the Costume Institute. Or looking way ahead, if it was Olivier Rousteing and/or Balmain. And she co-chaired with Beyoncé and Michelle Obama. COME ON. If that actually happened, I feel like Anna would take her sunglasses off and smile all night.