In pop culture, we often refer to that magical “It” Factor – the intangible ingredient that goes into making a star, a quality you can’t manufacture, what elevates someone who may not be the best at this or that or the other but somehow has a certain lure that no one can deny. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, together, as House Sussex, the Sussexes, have “It”. When they’re together there’s a chemistry, an extra level of special, of glamour and charm. And when we’re talking about “It”, we also have to talk about how the “It” is managed. It’s one thing to have “It”, it’s a whole other thing to be able to control it, to know how to best use it to your advantage. Which requires, of course, a certain amount of vanity. Harry and Meghan have that vanity. And they also have the skill to be able to harness their “It”. I mean, look at this picture. 

Everyone is running with this photo of them at the Endeavour Fund Awards in London tonight. 


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That photographer will probably make a good amount of money from this shot. It’s gorgeous. It’s the stepping stones. They’re backlit, and the rain is actually HELPING the picture, creating a sparkle effect like they’ve just stepped out of a movie, and even the umbrella is adding to the romance of the picture. Now I’m not saying that they can manipulate the weather. But what I am saying is that they know how to use the moment and pull out allll the juice that’s available to them. The way she’s looking up at him with that perfect smile, the way he’s looking down at her with his prince’s smile, the way they’re angling into each other in mutual adoration – they know that they’re creating an irresistible visual.

And they knew going in what was riding on it. This, of course, is House Sussex’s first appearance since Sussexit was confirmed. Tonight has been anticipated for weeks. For that reason, of course there’s performance involved. Doesn’t mean it isn’t authentic, but let’s not pretend that it not human nature to be intentionally aware when you know you’re being watched. So there would have been extra thought put into this appearance, not only in their interactions with each other but in all the details. 

Both are wearing blue. Blue is the colour of House Sussex. They made that clear the moment they launched their Instagram account. Meghan is in a fitted Victoria Beckham dress, a classic cut. The design is safe, unimpeachable, but also, it’s fitted. Nothing is billowing. There is no draping. It’s not skin tight but it’s tight enough to show what she needs to show: that she’s in fighting form, top form. 

Meghan meant to dazzle tonight – and indeed she is dazzling, I mean look at her. With her hair pulled back, that face on full display, the skin looks great, the makeup is good, she’s f-cking gorgeous. And they know, these are the pictures that will be broadcast around the world. This is the comeback. And not that it’s a fight or anything but … if it was… Shots Fired.