As Kathleen posted yesterday, Meghan Markle made her first solo public appearance yesterday at the Oceania exhibit. When she arrived, she got out of the car and closed the car door herself… and people are freaking out. 


Royal Meghan is now being praised for not being too up her own ass to close the car door which… is that the bar we’re setting here? No shade, at least not for Meghan. But I’m not sure it’s a good look on the rest of her family, as this is only remarkable because it clearly doesn’t happen all that often with royals. Like they’re so used to having others perform the simple act of shutting the door to the car, when someone else does it for themselves, it becomes a Twitter moment. 

That said, to be fair… she’s not the only one. Let’s give Princess Kate some credit. Katy Cambridge has also closed the door before. 

So Princes William and Harry both married women who have closed the door after themselves. Are they going to start closing the door after themselves? Are other members of the royal family annoyed that closing the door after themselves will start to become a thing? Will Prince Andrew start closing the door after himself? 

Are we making too much noise about closing a door? If you didn’t have to close the car door yourself, would you? Like if part of your life was having a dude stand around and close doors for you, would you give up that luxury? 

Maybe it’s because It’s My Birthday, but I love the drama of just stepping out of a car, with my capes billowing behind me, and strutting forward without looking back. In my mind, I look great doing this. I think I would love the experience.