It was the moment we were waiting for: when House Sussex met the Queen, the only Queen I answer to: Her Majesty Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter. 

Beyoncé issued a decree back in February when she and Jay-Z posted about Meghan on Instagram to accept their BRIT Award: 

Beyoncé anointed Meghan, virtually. Yesterday, at the UK premiere of The Lion King, she anointed Meghan in person. “My princess” is how she greeted her when Meghan approached to greet her. “My” princess. This is the princess that Queen Beyoncé recognises, this is the title bestowed on Meghan Markle by the Queen of Culture, of all things Flawless, the Queen with the Halo, Beyoncé of Every Realm: 

I was exchanging texts yesterday with a few people who were working the premiere last night. This was not the standard royal appearance. There was a higher degree of tension on this carpet – for Beyoncé. They waited. Is she coming? She’s not coming! She’s coming! OMG get ready. Camera people were futzing extra with their lighting. People were nervous. One friend hilariously said to me, “I don’t want to hide but I do want to hide, because I’m not worthy for her to lay eyes on”, LOLOLOL. I understand completely. The point is, the energy was extra jacked last night in London because Beyoncé was there – and there’s no way Meghan wouldn’t have felt it. She quite famously namechecked Beyoncé back in the day, when her Instagram account was still active, before she met Prince Harry. She knows that there’s everyone else… and then there’s Beyoncé. She also knows what it means to have Beyoncé’s blessing. Few people on this earth have the privilege to be blessed by Beyoncé. Meghan belongs to the highest order of the BeyHive. She shared the moment in her carousel on Instagram: 


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Beyoncé, at post time, has yet to mention her meeting with the Sussexes. It was, after all, their honour to experience. Meeting her, I mean.  

Now can we please appreciate how much leg Beyoncé was serving on this carpet!? Tight ass pearl clutchers might say that at an event with a royal presence, you’re supposed to throw it back to the Victorian styles and cover it all up. F-ck ‘em is how Beyoncé decided to dress. Let me wear gold, appropriate to my status. Let them see leg, because this leg is a precious natural resource. Let me show that leg while talking to Harry, because who am I to have to observe whatever bullsh-t you impose on people – I am not those people:

Like I said, the Queen was serving leg, ALL the leg. So much juicy, beautiful leg, protocol be damned.