Fifteen minutes after I posted the open this morning, it was confirmed that Meghan Markle is (was?) in labour:

So it’s not a Star Wars baby. And it’s not a Cinco de Mayo baby. But it’s a Met Gala baby! Today is the First Monday in May – and, as I said in today’s intro, this child is giving us celebrity vibes already, born on the same day as the most extensive A-list red carpet of the year, setting up their first Met Gala appearance 18 years from now, as one of the co-chairs, of course, when they become of age to attend the event. 

Note though the verb tense of that announcement from Buckingham Palace– past tense, not present tense, and that another announcement is forthcoming. Probably, then, the baby has arrived. And that at some point, we should get all the details. Name details, specifically, which is the big headline, right? 

I’m still hoping that happens just as the first arrivals happen at the Met tonight. The timing is perfect, really. Several of the weekly supermarket magazines still haven’t closed yet. Baby Sussex will make the cover. And, if they do the photo shoot at some point this week, and release them, say, on Friday, the baby will make the covers again next week. 

Duana’s standing by now to write that name post. Check back later!