Thomas Markle was putting himself back in the headlines again yesterday morning on Good Morning Britain. Today Piers Morgan bragged about the ratings – apparently Monday’s episode of GMB was the most watched in the show’s history in part due to Meghan Markle’s father. Thanks, dad! That blowhard keeps dragging me in the papers over and over again and you decide to play for his team and hit a grand slam. 

That said, as we’ve seen, Royal Meghan doesn’t fold. Here she is today at Brinsworth House, visiting with retired British entertainers as part of the Royal Variety Charity program, wearing a cute fitted white and floral print dress with cap sleeves and, as usual now, cupping her belly and shoving her father out of the spotlight. This she knows how to do. This is what you learn in Hollywood, as an actor. And this is what I wrote about last week after her appearance at the British Fashion Awards – Meghan cut her teeth in an industry full of a backstabbers, opportunists, and assholes. She’s better equipped than most to handle the British media and the manipulative royal courtiers. And she understands, being of Hollywood, how to cockblock and upstage. There is no better way to cockblock and upstage than with a baby bump and a tight dress. Which she’s straight up pointing out: 

I mean, she could have worn something loose and swingy, you know? But, as I noted last week, Royal Meghan is flexing now. She’s in the game. And it seems like she’s playing the game to her strengths instead of according to their tired ass rules. Tomorrow will be interesting. Because she and some of those fusty courtiers will all be in the same room together.

It’s the Queen’s annual Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace. You’ll recall, last year OfMichael won the annual royal racist award when she showed up at that event wearing a racist brooch. OfMichael wins that award often. But she’s not guaranteed the win this year. Because in this family? With its history of white supremacy and other f-cksh-t? It’s racist bingo. Everyone has a chance of winning. And then losing. Because before, there was no social media. Now Twitter will drag them for filth if and when they step in it. Meghan’s one of the family members who knows better than the rest how to use social media to her advantage. (Hilariously her Instagram account was briefly resurrected today during the IG outage.) I can’t wait to see how that will play out over time.