Meghan Markle spent part of the Fourth of July at Wimbledon, watching her friend Serena Williams play her second round match. Serena eventually prevailed in three sets. Typically top seeded players and certainly world class players like Serena aren’t usually pushed to a third set in the early rounds but as she said during the press conference afterwards, she just hasn’t had a lot of matches and she needs more matches to continue to improve out there, which is why she and Andy Murray are playing mixed doubles – their first match is today. 

Serena was also asked about Meghan being in the stands and whether or not she’ll be godmother to Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. His christening is on Saturday. “I’m working” was the answer. Later on there was another royal question: since it was recently revealed that Roger Federer has played tennis with Big G, will Serena play with Archie one day? Serena’s response:

“I don’t know, I’m actually working on Olympia’s game so… (crowd laughs)… maybe she can give tips to him? She’ll be his older, like, sister so, yeah, I don’t know, we like to do a lot of sports with Olympia. Actually she likes soccer more so we’ll see.” 

I would like to be alive for that, please. For Olympia, daughter of the Greatest of All Time, to one day be on centre court herself at the All England Club with Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor cheering her on in the Royal Box. 

As for Archie and his christening, Buckingham Palace confirmed this week that it’s happening on Saturday, July 6, privately, that the godparents will not be announced, and that photos taken by Chris Allerton would be released the next day. Chris Allerton is the photographer who shot Prince Harry and Meghan at their wedding reception last year, the image that was used in their Christmas card and also was their photographer on the day Archie was presented to the world, the photo of the Queen and Prince Philip meeting their youngest great-grandchild. 

Where the godparents are concerned, Meghan, wearing an “A” for Archie necklace, was joined yesterday by Lindsay Roth and Genevieve Hillis, two close longtime friends, which some are taking as subtle confirmation of at least two of Archie’s godmothers. More on Archie’s christening on Monday. Really looking forward to seeing the portraits. What will he be wearing?!