Dear Gossips,   

Does a song follow you around…or is it more that when you like a song so much you’re just that much more in tune to hearing it wherever you go? This is what’s been happening with me over the last couple of weeks with Metro Boomin’, The Weeknd, and 21 Savage’s “Creepin’”. It’s playing every time I walk into a store, restaurant, the nail bar, the bathroom at work, like almost every time I go. 


For some of us who are all about this track, part of it is nostalgia. “Creepin’” interpolates Mario Winan’s “I Don’t Wanna Know” from 2004 which itself heavily samples The Fugees’ “Ready or Not”, one of the greatest songs ever, from one of greatest albums of all time, The Score. 

“Creepin’” was released in mid-December, has been steadily rising up the charts, and is currently #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. I don’t know if it can overtake Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers” which is probably the smash hit of 2023 so far, and maybe it’s just me because I can’t escape it, but it feels like it has the kind of strange momentum that can turn a song into a cultural takeover. Maybe it’s just me. 

I just want to know if it’s happening to you too. Is this song all over the place where you are? 


Yours in gossip,