I’m worried about Kathleen. I don’t know how she’s going to react to this. At the same time, I REALLY want to see how she reacts to this. 

Michael B Jordan was in New York last night. He was seen at dinner at Carbone. According to the paparazzo, it was a four hour dinner and he was not alone. He was with model Cindy Bruna. That’s a long dinner and, sure, people can go out for dinner, it can be a long dinner, it doesn’t have to mean something. 

But rumours have been started on less. And…well… it’s not hard to imagine that there would be some attraction between them. I’m attracted to both of them. Is it really a stretch to think they’d be attracted to each other? They’re gorgeous!

Apparently as soon as they knew there was a pap there, immediately after these pictures were taken, they went in separate directions so as to not give up any more pictures, either not wanting anyone to assume anything because it’s not there or because they don’t want anyone to know that there is something there. 

Nothing or something, it’s the first time he’s been photographed with a romantic possibility in a while. And since it’s just after the Met Gala, maybe that’s where they sparked. That party, with all the celebrities and rich people and models, is like its own Tinder. If they did spark though, or if they are extending a spark that started at the Met Gala, we’re definitely not going to get an update any time soon. MBJ keeps his sh-t tight – and now that we’ve seen these pictures, he’ll lock it down even more. Maybe, in the end, there will be nothing to lock down anyway? I want to leave Kathleen with some hope.