Although today is full of promise, let’s not pretend that the stink of 2020, and the last few years, really, isn’t still wafting around. There has been a gossip bright spot so far in 2021 though – Lori Harvey, aka Turtle, and her Nugget, aka Michael B Jordan. Who seem to be telling us …


Don’t cry for BenAna. The truth is, well, they’re here to take over. 

So the last time we checked in on Lori and MBJ they were all over each other in St Barts. When I posted about that the other day I never had a chance to include this clip from her stories of him looking at her on the jet. As I keep saying, these two are IN DEEP:


Yesterday we got another installment of the Turtle & Nugget show. Lori posted this to stories and Twitter: 


Lori Harvey's Instagram story


“He love it here.”


And his response? 


As Tamar Braxton commented on that Shade Room post, “it’s the welcome home for me”. That’s exactly right. Like he was waiting for her this whole time? Like this is where she belongs? Like this is where he belongs? 


Seriously, when Michael B Jordan goes in, he is all in. There is no half-stepping, there is no room for doubt. ALL IN. Lori Harvey did that. Lori Harvey has that. 

Although…that tweet is now deleted. Curious about why. But this tweet that Joanna sent me made me laugh: