Lori Harvey, the best person to happen to gossip last week, continues to improve our timelines this week. But first, a refresher, because we should never forget the impact she’s had on the gossip game in 2021. Last Sunday Lori and Michael B Jordan announced themselves on Instagram, a coordinated gossip drop after weeks of speculation about their relationship. It was the first time MBJ has ever put his personal life on blast. And then a few days later, for her birthday, they once again were all over each other’s social media accounts, sharing their nicknames and the gifts he gave her. 


Now we know that they celebrated her birthday in St Barts. The Shade Room has the exclusive photos:


As you can see, as if you needed the confirmation, these two are IN it. It’s that early time in a relationship when everything is perfect, you can’t keep your hands off each other (although, obviously, with Lori and MBJ, it’s really hard not to imagine that they would be able to keep their hands off each other – look at them!), it’s total infatuation. And they’re definitely not hiding it. They know they are a story. They do not mind being the story. More of this energy as we kick off a new week, please. More of this energy all year!