It’s not like Lori Harvey hasn’t already done enough, given us enough, even though 2021 is only two weeks old. And yet she keeps on giving. And by giving I mean dominating. 

Earlier this week, Lori and Michael B Jordan went Instagram official with their relationship, the first time he has ever gone public with a girlfriend. Which tells you the power of Lori Harvey, aka The Black Lady Bridgerton, LOLOLOL. 


Yesterday was Lori’s 24th birthday. She was celebrated all over social media, everyone wishing her Happy Birthday, from Chloe x Halle to Lala Anthony, and more. And also, of course, her “baby”. MBJ went all out with the roses: 


He also posted flirty comments and let us all know that his nickname for her is “Turtle”. And she replied with her nickname for him, which is “Nugget”. 

I mean…these two are IN it. But there’s more. On top of the flowers and all the other gifts, in the year 2021, the ultimate birthday gift is one that you can’t buy…

On Instagram. 


MBJ already, a few days ago, let the world know that he’s in deep with Lori. On her birthday, he did it again – on his feed, not just stories, and not just photos. Flip to the video in the carousel:


Look at him, playing with her in the snow, wrestling with her, clearly NOT able to take his eyes off her. And showing it to us. Happily. The equivalent of taking out every billboard on the freeway too announce that “I’m taken”.