Michael B Jordan went for a run yesterday morning in LA. A few years ago, MBJ bought his parents a house and lived there with them, at least until last year, when he said that he was planning on moving out on his own soon. Not sure if that happened but I would imagine, during lockdown, that he might be with his parents at their home so that they could all be together? I feel like even before the pandemic, that would be a show: a big movie star who still shares a house with his parents. Right? 


As for what MBJ’s doing during isolation, he’s a gamer so I’m thinking probably a lot of Call of Duty. He’s also doing his part to help frontline and essential workers: 

And, obviously, as we can see here, he’s staying in shape. Boxing shape? The amount of clothing he’s wearing here reminds me of boxer training montages, the way they’re always dressed in so many layers to sweat down to their goal weight. Speaking of Rocky, just before the COVID-19 work stoppage, it was announced that they’d found a writer for Creed III. Which means they’re way off from filming, if they still need to work on the story, and they haven’t found a director. But what it does mean is that MBJ is committed to returning as Adonis. No complaints. Sylvester Stallone, on the other hand, doesn’t sound like he’ll be back which, again, no complaints there either. Adonis has to figure it all out with Rocky now – that’s the next story. 


In the meantime, as you’re looking at these new shots of MBJ training, here’s a throwback to him training in Creed II. I don’t see why I have to explain this. If you’re a healthcare worker coming off a 12 hour shift, maybe this will be some relief for you.