Michael B Jordan’s Walk of Fame ceremony yesterday. Ryan Coogler and Jonathan Majors were there to honour and support him. MBJ’s relationship with Ryan should be well-known by now. It’s been over a decade and their collaborations range from Fruitvale to Black Panther to Creed and more. His relationship with Jonathan is newer… but this is already a deep friendship, and you could hear it in Jonathan’s voice when he spoke yesterday in tribute to his “brother”. 


Watch this if you have time – it’s so personal and so heartfelt, you might cry. 


Jonathan uses the story of Hercules to describe how MBJ has navigated his life, all parts of his life. That he’s a person who never chooses easy. That he has been through the 12 trials of life in order to move past “temporary” and achieve the “eternal”. On a professional level, that means the career, the star on the Walk of Fame. On the personal side, that means the bonds that he’s forged with his community, which includes Jonathan who speaks movingly about their time together, and the trust they’ve built up together. That trust is critical, considering how much MBJ put into Creed III, what he has riding on it, and how important Jonathan is to the story. That’s the kind of belief in someone that forms the foundation of a powerful connection. It’s a connection that is both serious and fun. Look at how they vibe off each other here: 


All of this is happening, of course, ahead of the film’s opening tomorrow. Industry analysts are predicting that it will at least match if not surpass the opening weekend take of its predecessors. Reviews have been strong, word of mouth is strong, MBJ has been everywhere, with and without his shirt on. We’ll find out soon if Adonis is victorious in the ring. But MBJ is going for a box office championship – and right now, all signs point to him winning the belt. 

And finally, for those of you who’ve been visiting this site over the years, our very own Kathleen, who’s been calling herself MBJ’s wife for a long, long time, had her moment with him at the premiere on Monday. For him, it was an interview. For her it was their wedding, LOL.