Naomi Osaka turned 21 on Tuesday. What do you get a 21-year-old who beat the GOAT at the US Open? If you’re Ellen DeGeneres, you get her crush– MY Michael Bae Jordan—to send her a shirtless photo. I stan a generous King.

The last time I wrote about Naomi and Michael B Jordan, he was surprising her with a personalized video message which was instigated by Ellen. She is proving herself to be an excellent wingman/ fairy godmother/ overbearing Auntie all in one. This time, Ellen wished Naomi a happy birthday like this:

And this is how MBJ responded:

OK, MICHAEL. I screamed when I saw this and it wasn’t my birthday present. My birthday is coming up in January, just an FYI for anyone who has a direct line to MBJ. So listen, should I be worried that my man is sending someone else shirtless photos? I’m not. Michael B Jordan did a nice and hilarious thing for Naomi Osaka while also slipping in a casual plug for Creed 2. The Creed 2 press tour has been nowhere near as in-your-face as it should be and we’re about a month out from its release date. A story like this makes Michael look great but it is also GREAT press for Creed 2.

Naomi responded in a way that was too chill for me to relate to but still adorable.

Now this story will continue on to the Creed 2 premiere when we finally get a shot of MBJ and Naomi together. Cue the swoons. 

Let’s give you those abs one more time because it’s Friday and this is what Michael wanted from us. If he didn’t want us to ogle his abs, he wouldn’t have tweeted them. I like that he’s in on the joke. I’ll shut up now. Abs. MBJ. Shhh… Enjoy.