Dear Gossips,

Last week, ahead of England’s World Cup semi-final game against Croatia, Justin Timberlake posted a video for the people coming to his show that night, announcing that he’d be broadcasting the game. You know what ended up happening. And my question for you English football fans was… are we blaming Justin Timberlake? Do you even want Justin Timberlake on your side? 

What you want is for Beyoncé to be on your side. And of course Beyoncé doesn’t have to post a video ahead of time telling people what she’s going to do. She just does it – in Paris, where she happened to be performing last night, as France played Croatia in the final. It was her blessing. And, as you know, France won. A lesson for four years from now, not that you needed any help preferring Beyoncé over Justin Timberlake. 

Michelle and Sasha Obama were also at the show last night in Paris. 

Michelle was later seen hanging out with Miss Tina right up in front:

And dancing:

You know what kills me though? I don’t see Sasha with them close to the stage. Like, for us, Michelle and Miss Tina are cool and all but when you’re 17 years old, you do NOT want to be at a concert with your mom and another mom, even if that’s Beyoncé’s mom, and even if they’re sitting in the best seats. Teen contempt forever and ever. 

Yours in gossip,