Michelle Williams and Thomas Kail have welcomed their first child together, her second. Matilda Ledger is now 14 years old! So far there are no additional details about the baby but as Emily from Dlisted points out, the confirmation that Michelle and Thomas were together and no longer with their previous partners, happened in PEOPLE. And PEOPLE hasn’t mentioned the baby yet. Michelle Williams isn’t the type to do a PEOPLE Magazine baby photo reveal though. Lockdown has changed a lot of celebrities, but I can’t see Michelle Williams doing this. (Dlisted) 


Dominic Raab is the UK’s foreign minister and he’s making headlines today for being a fool. Somehow he dragged Game of Thrones into Black Lives Matter and, well, yeah. This tracks. And this is also why Black people, both in North America and in the UK, don’t feel seen. (Pajiba) 

Are you snacking more during lockdown? Are you snacking on processed food? I’ve always been a snacker. I’m eating Oreos right now while writing this. Lately I’ve taken to crushing my Oreos into my ice cream. It’s ice cream that I’m eating more of right now. I didn’t use to eat this much ice cream. Now I’m adding ice cream on every grocery order. And when it comes to ice cream, I’m a vanilla bitch, basic as f-ck. I only eat vanilla ice cream. Should I be getting more adventurous? (Cele|bitchy) 

When there’s no pandemic, what happens in Windsor is that people put on their fascinators and get f-cked up drunk and messy. People who aren’t in close proximity to the Queen, that is. Every year, Ascot-ers (can we call them this?) fall over each other, get sunburned, and make the front page of all the tabloids and now that that’s not happening, the FUG Girls are remembering the hats. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This profile shot of Brendan Gleeson as Donald Trump looks a lot like Donald Trump. That is, you don’t need to see him in a proper light to know from the hair to the angle of his chin to his pursed lips that that’s the f-ckwit running America. (JustJared)