Michelle Williams is probably going to win a Grammy for narrating Britney’s audiobook. EGOT, here we come. (Popsugar)


Gonzo Girl has not been getting rave reviews, and I don’t get the feeling Daisy Jones & the Six really set the world on fire, but I am rooting for Camila Morrone so hard. I love it when Leo’s exes thrive after twenty-five. (Go Fug Yourself)

Justin Timberlake has turned off Instagram comments and cancelled some appearances in the wake of Britney’s memoir. This isn’t JT going into hiding, though, he’s just biding his time. He hasn’t quite figured out how to make this moment all about him yet, but he will. Give him time. (Celebitchy)


Argentina is in the middle of a run-off election involving a far-right populist candidate, Javier Milei. It’s serious, and a lot is at stake, for Argentina and the world as far-right populism continues to pave the way for rising fascism. But at the same time, Milei and his running mate, Victoria Villaruel, have pissed off Swifties AND the BTS ARMY, which are the top two fandoms you do not want to cross. Swifties are comparing Milei to Trump, while ARMY is after Villaruel for derogatory, xenophobic tweets about BTS. The threat of these far-right populist politicians is real, but it will also be very funny if they lose the run-off because Swifties and ARMY united against them. (The Guardian)

Why does Taylor Swift, who has “express permission to eat anyone”, deign to do something as bourgeois as go out to eat? Rachel Handler investigates. (Vulture)