Miles Teller proposed. With an enormous ring. Which is what a lot of people are talking about. I prefer a Miles Teller ring conversation that also includes a comparison between the size of the ring and the size of his ego. And how much you want to punch him. One night, when you’re bored, or maybe just now, for education, have a look at how many online threads there are dedicated to how punchable his face is. Less than Martin Shkreli. But the same as Ansel Elgort? (Dlisted) 

Let me say this in a very, very quiet voice. I don’t like Beyoncé’s dress. At all. In fact, I hate it. But then again, I’m predisposed to hating it. The dress is House Of CB. They describe themselves as “Brit Designed Bandage Bodycon”. Bodycon is not my style jam. But it’s definitely JLO’s style jam. She wears a lot of House of CB. As do the Kardashians. Which is why they’re all pictured on the brand’s homepage. Now that Beyoncé’s giving them some love though, I’m pretty sure she’s pushing the rest of them way, way down. (Cele|bitchy) 

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd went to Disneyland. That photo of them with their arms around each other and she’s pointing? It’s your classic “we’re having an experience” photo. Designed to make you catch your breath. Like, oh young love, oh young life. Youth looking ahead, into the beautiful future. Now buy this car/sign up for this credit card/get this mortgage. (Pop Sugar) 

Harvey Weinstein, once king of the Oscar campaign, has chosen Benedict Cumberbatch over Joaquin Phoenix for Oscar season. There are many reasons. But another reason not mentioned: Benedict Cumberbatch will play the Oscar game, he’ll go out there and kiss the babies and take pictures with the wives and have boring conversations with boring old white man Oscar voters. Joaquin Phoenix will light up a cigarette and walk out of the room. So. I understand this decision. (Pajiba) 

Spelling controversy! How do you spell the Bard’s name? With or without an “e” at the end? A few weeks ago I mentioned all the typos that made me crazy at Graceland. It’s a museum. And there are typos all over the place. This is… probably much worse, if you believe the spelling to be an error. Because this is a statue. So do you buy the excuse that they just used an “alternate” spelling? Or do you think they just… typo-ed the statue? (TMZ) 

Did you ever watch Lost? Do you remember what happened at the end of Lost? And how it affected the show’s legacy? The Atlantic is asking whether or not that could happen with Game Of Thrones. Because it’s not just the timelines that we’re all complaining about. It’s how the accelerated timeline and the dumbassness of some of the plotting is undermining the world-building. To put it in cliché terms, the last two episodes felt like they’re putting the destination before the journey. That said, Game Of Thrones has always known how to close a season. I have very high expectations for Sunday. (The Atlantic)