I was surprised to see Miley Cyrus yesterday at the Versace show in Hollywood. Not because it’s weird to see Miley in Versace, of course not. But because it was just hours before the release of her new album, Endless Summer Vacation.


“Flowers” has undeniably been the biggest hit of 2023 so far. The song was big the moment it dropped and has stayed at the top for almost two months now, her most successful release in almost a decade. So it’s an understatement to say that Endless Summer Vacation came in with high expectations. And, for me at least, it delivers. She’s bringing the high energy and mellow, she sounds as good as she ever has. But also nothing here feels forced – Miley’s not necessarily trying to fit into any particular genre, she’s just kinda grooving to the music she vibes with, which gives the entire album a cohesive flow, even though she swings from pop to experimental to ballads and back to country.

So far, after one listen all the way through, my favourites are “Jaded” and “Thousand Miles (featuring Brandi Carlile)”, but there really aren’t any skips – Endless Summer Vacation will take you all the way along your commute and these are also the best lyrics of Miley’s career. 


Miley brought all her rockstar energy to Versace and while it’s not my favourite look of the night, it totally suits her mood right now with the black layers in her hair - this generation’s version of glam punk. 

Speaking of glam punk, check out Lil Nas X in a sparkle tank and studded leather kilt which, well, who else could possibly wear this with so much slay?

Lil Nas X attends the Versace FW23 Show at Pacific Design Center on March 09, 2023 in West Hollywood, California

And my other Versace highlight - Anne Hathaway in this incredible black alligator cocktail dress. Pure Versace vibes. Vampy and sexy and Annie is wearing the holy shit out of it. And those BOOTS!