Miley Cyrus may not be your favourite. She’s done a lot of sh-t worth side-eying that Kathleen’s recapped over the last couple of years. What’s also true about Miley though is that she always shows up for Saturday Night Live. If she’s hosting, she never half-asses it. When she performs, she sounds great. The songs may not be great but her voice is reliably solid. And you know, if you watch SNL regularly, that’s not always the case with the musical guests. Remember the year she did “Wrecking Ball” and an acoustic version of “We Can’t Stop”? Again, you don’t have to like her, it’s just an acknowledgement that on SNL, she’s not sh-t. This is why she’s asked back, and not infrequently. Miley has hosted three times. She’ll get her 5 Timers Club jacket soon enough. 

For fun, here’s the SNL throwback she posted on Instagram. Still holds up. 


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This weekend, Miley performed “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” and “Happy Xmas (War is Over”) with Mark Ronson and Sean Lennon. As usual, she delivered. I don’t love “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart”. It’s a song that almost gets there but doesn’t quite reach but like I said, she sounded good. She looked good. That silver Gucci tracksuit, right? If I could have, I would have worn it like that too. 

Liam Hemworth was backstage with Miley on Saturday and they were seen heading to the after-party together holding hands. She called him her “hot date”.


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The year is ending for Miley and Liam the way it started: they’re together. But that doesn’t mean there’s been no change. As we know, they lost their home in the California fires. Through that tragedy though, it seems like they’ve become closer. They may be as stable of a relationship as there is in young Hollywood.