Dear Gossips,   

“Denim on denim on denim on denim” is what Beyoncé is showing us in her latest Instagram post. This, after all, is the dominant fabric of act ii and, given how organised Beyoncé usually is, these fits were probably sourced weeks if not months in advance which, as a side though, I wonder how much lead time Pharrell had because his latest menswear collection in January for Louis Vuitton was very Cowboy Carter coded. 


So here’s our Queen in all her demin…


And also showing off a custom “Jolene” denim bag… 


And the question people keep asking is… Your Majesty? Where have you been going when you’re wearing all this “denim on denim on denim on denim”? She’s not just getting dressed up and staying home. There are people in those photos. And the shot with her and Jay, it looks like a museum or something. And yet… no other photos, just HER photos. Because when Beyoncé is in stealth mode, no one can track her. 


That said, she probably goes out less than Miss Tina, LOL. Miss Tina was out last night at the Challengers premiere (more on the Zendaya of it all later) and you know Miss Tina, she does not avoid the microphones. Miss Tina is the only person on the planet who can speak freely and spontaneously about Beyoncé. And Miss Tina has things to say! 


Marc Malkin is a seasoned reporter – he wasn’t asking that question thinking he would get a real answer; he asked because her reaction is what he was after. She gave nothing away but the facial expression is giving. And so is this outfit. Black jumpsuit, her waist snatched by that amazing belt – Lady Celestine is serving! 

Yours in gossip,