Dear Gossips,

There is only one music video that belongs in this space on top of the site today and all weekend – that would be the video for “Throw It Back”, by Dr Melissa “Missy” Elliott who released her first collection of new music in 14 years last night ahead of the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday where she will receive the Video Vanguard Award, it’s about f-cking time. 

Because if the award is about innovation in music and music videos, who’s been more innovative than Dr Melissa “Missy” Elliott?!? People are still catching up to the amazingness she showed us 15 years ago. As she says on the song, “I raised all these babies”. 

And now she’s making them hustle even harder because she’s still at it with her latest which is a celebration of self (as it should be) and a gracious introduction of self to those who Just Don’t Know (as it should never be). But…sure. We all have our ignorance. Those out there who are ignorant to Missy have now been shown the power of Missy by Missy herself.

Who else is going to give you this?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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And there are, like, easily a dozen more moments like that in the video, no exaggeration. The first time I watched it fell out my bed and re-aggravated my whiplash. I won’t be able to move my head all weekend, seriously. Also? Where Missy is concerned, some of her sh-t is so well encrypted, she has to explain it to people herself because otherwise, no one has the brain waves to compute at her level. 

So study up, all of us, this weekend. Get ready for Dr Melissa “Missy” Elliott’s class on Monday night at the VMAs, the Video Missy Awards!

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,