It’s a move we don’t see too often anymore and much of that has to do with social media – there is no longer weekend downtime, we are locked in 24 hours of every day, not just Monday to Friday. So in a way, there’s no sense in burying your news right before a weekend since nobody really slows down. Before though, like 15 years ago, celebrities would time their breakup releases for just after the end of the workday on Fridays, assuming most people would have gone home, and they’d have the weekend to let sh-t settle and, hopefully, by Monday something else would take over. One of the most famous examples of this was when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston announced their separation – Friday, January 7, 2005. Note the time-stamp on PEOPLE’s archived article


They posted it at 7pm. I’ll never forget having to scramble to cover it – like OH F-CK ARE YOU SERIOUS? NOW?!? Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise announced on a Friday too but that actually happened during business hours because, well, there were other motivations in her case, as she probably wanted to get the media on her side with the story for protection against Xenu. Gossip Nostalgia for another day. Today we stay in the present and three breakups that happened just before Easter weekend. 

Adele confirmed that she and Simon Konecki have separated with her reps issuing a statement that they will be “raising their son together lovingly”. Their son, Angelo, was born in 2012 and they were married in 2017. Looking back now on her night out with Jennifer Lawrence a few weeks ago, was it one friend helping another through heartbreak? There were other signs. Adele’s been seen often without her wedding ring and she and Simon haven’t been seen together in months. Also? 

She needed Beyoncé (second slide below):


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After the last album, 25, when Adele made it very clear that she’d be taking an extended break from music to focus on Angelo and family – and at the time, it was looking like a decade-long break or longer was a possibility –I thought for sure, before long, she’d be pregnant. Maybe that was the biggest sign, that she hasn’t had another child. So instead, now, she’s been seen back at work, in and out of the recording studio. Which is why the internet is already waiting on the songs. 

In addition to Adele, it was also confirmed on Friday that Michelle Williams and Phil Elverum are over after just about six months of (surprise) marriage. We first found about their relationship when she covered Vanity Fair last summer in what may have been the most candid interview she’s given about her love life. At the time, she said that while it’s not in her comfort zone to be so public, she was sharing in the spirit of hope, as both she and Phil had been through such profound loss, the fact that they’d found each other represented to others who’d been through similar that beauty can come out of all that pain. It was optimistic. And I think everyone reading that article was optimistic for her. Maybe it was too much too soon – but I don’t think the message has to change. Her point in that Vanity Fair article was that she remained open to love and of course she still should. 

And the third Friday breakup dump: Pitch Perfect’s Anna Camp and Skyler Astin after two years of marriage. I, personally, am not all that invested in Pitch Perfect. But I know there’s a big PP fanbase out there. How are you dealing with this? Are you listening to Adele music over and over again?