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I don’t have much to say about this. I just want to scream and squeal and jump up and down with you, like all of us all together, looking at this magazine cover. And in the corniest, cheesiest move ever, burst out into a singalong. You know the song. I just gave you the first line. 

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Entertainment Weekly is celebrating My Best Friend’s Wedding. It’s been 22 years. Weird number. But I guess they got all four actors to agree to do it now and you don’t know if they’ll feel the same way later, so you might as well go ahead with it, especially since Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz are in. And Cameron’s pretty much retired, Cameron Diaz doesn’t do magazine covers anymore. 


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But how could she say no to this? To reuniting as Kimmy with Julia, and Dermot Mulroney, and Rupert Everett!

None of what they share here is really “news” – they all loved the experience; they understand why the movie means so much to people, including Cameron’s sister-in-law Nicole Richie, who went to Chicago with Cam, where they shot the film, and made her revisit all the locations; they reshot the ending to give Kimmy her moment; and they share their memories of some of the most memorable scenes. Here’s where, no surprise, Julia gives us a classic Julia moment. It’s when they’re talking about the karaoke scene, and they shot it pretty much live, with Cam as Kimmy sounding like sh-t and Michael falling more in love with her because of it. 

EVERETT: It’s an amazing scene because it turns around from being ridiculous to suddenly being incredibly moving. [Michael and Kimmy] fall in love more and [Julianne] becomes more isolated in her plotting.
ROBERTS: I need to watch this movie again. I don’t remember feeling isolated in my plotting. [Looks at Everett] I had you.
EVERETT: I hadn’t arrived back then — you were on your own.
DIAZ: And Julianne also knew that I didn’t want to sing, and she made me sing.
ROBERTS: I just was trying to be encouraging. All right?


“I don’t remember feeling isolated in my plotting. I had you.” I LOVE HER. This is why she was so good in that role. So great in that role. Because in her mind, she’s on Julianne’s side. She thinks Julianne should have gotten the guy, and she’s somehow rewritten in her mind that she wasn’t alone in being an asshole going about making it happen. Which Rupert shuts down. Um, no, sweetie, I wasn’t in that scene. You were just a conniving bitch, all by yourself. Don’t drag me into this with you. Which, of course, is a callback to their relationship in the movie. And the way Julia lives in my mind. She was the lead in this movie and she was also the “villain”. Julia sees herself, always, as the lead. But in her mind…is she ever the villain? 

To read the entire interview, click here.


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