If you haven’t yet watched the first trailer for Celine Dion’s upcoming documentary, I Am: Celine Dion, let me just give you a heads up – you’re going to need some time to recover. I’m hosting a luncheon today, I’m about to leave in half an hour, my makeup is all done, and now I am desperately trying to get a touch-up because I just burst into tears like 15 seconds into the preview. “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” gets me every time. And, of course, especially now. 


Celine’s documentary is about her experience with Stiff Person Syndrome, a disease that kept her out of the public eye for almost three years and prevented her from touring. As Celine says in the trailer, “It’s not hard to do a show. It’s hard to cancel a show.” 


And we know, coming from her, it’s as real as it gets – because this is a person who FEELS. Who feels out loud and who welcomes our feelings in return. So as she shares, she lives through her music but also through the audience. Not being able to perform was devastating. Not being able to sing, you can imagine, was nearly catastrophic. She has done everything she can, and she would crawl if she had to, to get back on stage. 

Celine is at her most raw here, with footage of her going through treatment, speaking to camera with a mix of resolve but also fear, and disappointment and uncertainty. That, in combination with the music, THAT SONG, playing in the background, it makes for an emotional experience – and this is only the trailer! How the f-ck are we going to get through a whole ass film? 

But also, because Celine is Celine, there’s also the extra over-the-top of it all… including a look inside… THE WAREHOUSE. 


You’ve heard about this magical place, right? As we all know, what Celine wears, Celine buys. And she keeps all of it in a warehouse somewhere in Vegas. And at one point in the documentary, I think we’re going to be toured through the shoe section? MOTHER! Have mercy, I don’t think we will recover. 

But we must. Because Celine is fighting for her own recovery and she won’t stop. That’s what she says at the end, “I won’t stop. I won’t stop.” My sobbing won’t stop, how are you doing?